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Archive for the ‘Press Release’ Category

Buildbase TV Advert going live

This is our TV Ad, which goes live on screen at Buildbase next week (Feb 2011), promoting our services to the Construction Industry.   Sign up to receive the monthly Tax Tips & News email.

Our TV advert is now almost complete

Will be on show soon in a 30 second slot every 10 minutes or so at Buildbase in Doncaster. If we can manage it we’ll also upload a copy to here too.   Sign up to receive the monthly Tax Tips & News email.

New product launch

Fee Protection Insurance. Effective from 1st October and renewable annually, a cost effective way of covering the cost of your Accountancy fees should you find yourself being investigated by the tax or VAT people. Letters on way out to all clients in next week or so with full details including premium rates. I recommend you[...] Read more »

Merlin gets published!

This is a copy of an article we had published in the first ever issue of Doncaster Business & Leisure magazine (Jan 2010). The article itself is useful to you as a fellow business owner: Robbing Peter to pay Paul? When cash flow is tight and you have a critical bill to pay, to ensure[...] Read more »