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Merlin 20:20 Deal

Just to remind you about our unique 20:20 offer, the first ever offered by an Accountant in Doncaster (many have tried to copy since we launched this and failed miserably!)

What is it? Pretty simple – if you are/become a client you can earn a special cash reward for yourself. How? Easy, successfully introduce a new client to Merlin and, when that client has paid us for their first year’s accounts bill you get a 20% commission payment as a thank you.

BUT, why call it 20:20 you might ask? Having been introduced as a new client they can get a 10% discount credited to their bill for the 2nd year and again for the 3rd they are with us. So, if their first year fee was £400 you get £80 cash back when they have paid Merlin. The next year they get £40 knocked off their 2nd year bill. and the next year they get the same again.

There are provisos of course – you have to remain as a fee paying client for at least 2 accounting years. Fees also have to be paid on time in accordance with our payment terms. Fees for the first year are due on invoice, whilst the 2nd and subsequent yeasr have to be paid in advance by standing order.

Spread the word – an Accountant who hands money back! Who’d have thought it?


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