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Free book keeping software

Looking for simple to use and economical book keeping software? Look no more – you can download for free today from VT Software their basic book keeping package, called VT Cash Book. You also get a 60 day free trial version of VT Transaction +, like Sage but far far easier to use – and[...] Read more »

Merlin 20:20 Deal

Just to remind you about our unique 20:20 offer, the first ever offered by an Accountant in Doncaster (many have tried to copy since we launched this and failed miserably!) What is it? Pretty simple – if you are/become a client you can earn a special cash reward for yourself. How? Easy, successfully introduce a[...] Read more »

Tax credits up for renewal?

Don’t forget your information has to be with the tax credits office by 31 July to keep getting credits. BUT don’t panic if you know you won’t have all figures in time (especially if you’re self employed). You are allowed to use estimates where actuals are not yet known, but they need to be sensible[...] Read more »

Employers Annual Return 2011

If you haven’t realised, they’re due to be filed with HMRC by no later than midnight on Thursday (19th May)! Miss this deadline and you are looking at a £100 fine, delay beyond 5 June and its another £100 (and so on, every month until you file). If you are struggling with dealing with this[...] Read more »

Computerised business records

Looking for book keeping software that is easy to use (and doesn’t need you to be an expert in computerised book keeping)? Tried Sage yet? Not as good as you may have been led to believe? Why not try VT Software instead? You can get a permanently free version that allows you to enter money[...] Read more »

Higher Penalties for late tax returns

Your personal self-assessment tax return for the tax year to 5 April 2011 must be submitted to HMRC by 31 January 2012, or by 31 October 2011 if it is submitted in paper form. These deadlines also apply to your separate partnership tax return where you are a member of a partnership. For tax returns[...] Read more »

Free Self Assesment Tax Return for 2011

Special limited offer to the first 20 successful applicants. Get your 2011 Self Assessment Tax Return done for FREE! Yes, there are terms and conditions (you must allow us to prepare your accounts), and you have to sign up as a client for at least 24 months. Offer closes 5.00pm 27th April 2011.   Sign[...] Read more »

How do you advertise your business on the web?

Having a website alone is probably not going to be enough to generate any leads. The most cost effective ways to increase the exposure of your business on the web is to get listed in as many relevant business directories as possible, using the free listings that they all offer. However the vast majority of[...] Read more »

Completed the payroll year end & filed a return?

Early days but don’t forget the deadline for filing is 19 May! And don’t forget to distribute P60′s to your staff too. Then there’s the P11D’s to complete (deadline 6 July)! Wondering now why you are trying to do all this when you could be doing something far more productive (like earning money!)? Merlin provide[...] Read more »

Is your business suffering because of slow payers and defaulters?

Struggling to find the time to chase debts or reluctant to do so for fear of losing custom? If this sounds familiar we may just have the solution for you (and no, we’re not talking about factoring). Your own (outsourced) credit control department, no need for you to get involved in the “unpleasentness” of chasing[...] Read more »