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Is it your financial year end soon?

Is your year end looming (31 March/5 April)? What have you done to maximise your tax savings? Nothing? Not sure what to do? Maybe you think there’s nothing you can do? Well think again. We can give timely tax planning advice to ensure you are making the most of your tax allowances and reliefs.  [...] Read more »

Getting the most from your employees?

Times are quiet for many at present, and that means you may have staff not working to their potential, but are still getting their pay at the end of the week as usual. So long as you are not taking them away from their normal employment duties you can use your staff to do work[...] Read more »

New tax year looms . . . are you ready?

Depressing though it is, a new tax year starts in 5 weeks time,or to put at it another way, the current tax year ends in 5 weeks! So,what of it? Well, have you used up your allowances for this tax year? If not it’s time to do something about it! (eg ISA’s etc). Don’t forget[...] Read more »

Employers Annual Returns

As an employer its likely you will have received notice to complete your employers annual return form (P35) for the 2010/11 tax year. If you filed online last year this notice will have been issued electronically to you by HMRC – so make sure you log in on your HMRC account and check you have[...] Read more »

Difficulty Raising Finance?

Are you struggling to raise finance for a new business project, or perhaps for a vital piece of equipment? Your bank refused to help? Or offered terms that you just cannot agree to? You are not alone, but do not despair. We have the contacts that could just make the difference and get you the[...] Read more »

HR Plus

Do you employ staff? Know the ins & outs of employment law, health & safety? Know the right way to dismiss staff? Its a minefield! Get it wrong & it can cost thousands!From as little as £29 per month we can provide you with the legal and professional support you need,from drawing up contracts of[...] Read more »

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Are you a builder, a bricky, a painter/decorator, a sparky, a plumber, a plasterer, first fix, second fix, groundworker, contactor, subbie? If you are involved directly or otherwise with building work (incl maintenance) then pay a vist to www.mycis.co.uk to see what we can do for you. Even if you are not one of the[...] Read more »

Merlin 20:20 Deal

Just to remind you about our unique 20:20 offer, the first ever offered by an Accountant in Doncaster (many have tried to copy since we launched this and failed miserably!) What is it? Pretty simple – if you are/become a client you can earn a special cash reward for yourself. How? Easy, successfully introduce a[...] Read more »

Join our Facebook Group

If you have not done so already, and you are in business, or perhaps have to file a tax return each year, join my group on facebook to get access to useful info on tax and other matters that may be of interest. Merlin Accounts & Clerical Services Facebook group.   Sign up to receive[...] Read more »

Tax Year End Approaches

With tax return filing out of the way for a few months its now time to turn our attention to the upcoming tax year end on 5 April, and start to make plans for things that need to be done both before this crucial date and what needs to be dealt with soon after. With[...] Read more »