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Received a tax calculation from HMRC?

Whether it be an underpayment or an overpayment how sure can you be that what you have received is correct? HMRC are issuing tax calculations for the tax years 2008-09 & 2009-10, with several million taxpayers affected by this. If you are NOT a self assessment taxpayer for either of these years and have been[...] Read more »

National Minimum Wage

Changes for pay periods commencing on or immediately after 1 October 2010. New rates are: Age 21 & over £5.93 Age 18-20 £4.92 Age 16-17 £3.64 NEW – Apprenctice rate for under 19′s – £2.50 also applies to apprentices in first year of apprenticeship irrespective of age   Sign up to receive the monthly Tax[...] Read more »

Earn cash back from an Accountant?

Yep – and why not eh? Allow me to introduce you to my contacts for financial advice, insurance, loans etc and you will earn a share of the commission I receive – typically I pay out 30% of whatever I get. You will be hard pressed to find any other accountant anywhere that does this…. [...] Read more »

New product launch

Fee Protection Insurance. Effective from 1st October and renewable annually, a cost effective way of covering the cost of your Accountancy fees should you find yourself being investigated by the tax or VAT people. Letters on way out to all clients in next week or so with full details including premium rates. I recommend you[...] Read more »

Graphic design services

New service for clients and businesses – graphic design by My Creative – a good example of the work that can be done – my new logo! Interested? Drop me a line.   Sign up to receive the monthly Tax Tips & News email.

Value printing

Having now completed the revamp of the company logo, and sorted out the designs for the new stationery, the next step was to get some printing done. I’ve discovered an excellent printer in Doncaster who has done a fantastic job for me, and just as importantly, done it at an excellent price that I think[...] Read more »

Merlin gets published!

This is a copy of an article we had published in the first ever issue of Doncaster Business & Leisure magazine (Jan 2010). The article itself is useful to you as a fellow business owner: Robbing Peter to pay Paul? When cash flow is tight and you have a critical bill to pay, to ensure[...] Read more »

Insurance – use me and get cash back

Hi, as you may know already I can now source quotes not only for all forms of commercial insurance but for personal insurances too. So, if you need to renew your building or contents insurance, I could help. Or maybe you want to start an Accident, Sickness and Unemployment policy – think of me. For[...] Read more »

Pre budget report

Just in case you missed my email about it I’ve reproduced it below. This is not menat to be a comprehensive report on all that came out of the PBR, but hopefully covers the “interesting” bits:- Well, I did promise last week that I would let you have some highlights from today’s PBR, so below[...] Read more »

Accident & Sickness cover

We can now source insurance for Accident & Sickness cover. If you are self employed having this sort of cover is very handy – the state system is woefully inadequate. If you want more info get in touch. If you take a policy through me I will also share my commission with you as a[...] Read more »