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Victoria Cross Trust

At a time when war seems to be common place let us not allow this to cloud our collective memory of those truly exceptionally brave soldiers who gave their lives for us, not just recently, but over the last century,all of whom were awarded the VC for carrying out actions that were beyond the call of duty; who did this selflessy in preserving our freedom to this day. 

So please, like the page, share it with your friends, let us remember these truly momentus people and show their descendants that their sacrifice will never be allowed to be forgotten, lost in the mists of time.

This is a new charity which needs your support – lets raise awareness not only of the charity but what it represents.


Education Throughout the UK people have forgotten about their own local hero’s and no civic memorial has been erected.
We aim to change this by working with Local Authorities, Regimental Associations and Schools to increase awareness of the Victoria Cross and its recipients and where appropriate arrange a suitable civic memorial so that future generations will be aware of their towns own bravest of the brave.

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