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We are great believers in using every possible technology available to ensure we can provide an efficient service for our clients. Accounts are prepared using software compatible with many book keeping packages, and are produced in both paper and electronic formats. Most of our clients are happy to receive their accounts in electronic format as they can be stored on their own computers to access and print as often as they wish. We are able to produce secure documents for emailing so that only the intended recipient can access them.

This principle is carried through into our tax return preparation too, with your Self Assessment return produced on professional preparatory software, sent to you by email, and filed online with H M Revenue & Customs (so no missed filing deadlines!). Your Corporation Tax returns are also completed in the same way.

Payroll is also processed using a professional payroll bureau software package and again you receive electronic copies of payslips and relevant payroll reports, whilst paper copies are distributed either to you or direct to your employees.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to communication - yes, there is the reliable landline and, more often, the mobile, but don't you find that more often than not when the 'phone rings you are probably in the middle of something? So we go one step further and also use text messaging, as well as email, to make contact - whether it be a reminder to do something or just conveying a brief message, such as "We've successfully filed your tax return". And it doesn't stop there; why pay for telephone call? We use Skype and Windows Live Messenger, so you can chat live by 'phone for free (if you have a Skype account) or have a live webcam chat with us.

You may wonder how you would supply your records to us if you are located at the opposite end of the country to us. Well there is the traditional method - post or courier services, or you could use the modern approach - scan your books and records and transfer to us via a special (free) data transfer programme (we provide the tools to do this). This latter method is far more preferable as you retain your original records at your premises (so when you suddenly realise you need something from your records they're not stuck at the accountants office!).

As a business, we too appreciate the importance of having as much of your precious time in the day put to profitable use, so we offer a more fexible approach to working with you - so the 'phones do not go off at 5.30pm, they stay on, 24/7. Whilst we cant promise the 'phone will always be answered immediately when calling outside office hours, we do have messaging services on our landline and mobile and will ALWAYS get back to you as soon as possible. You can of course send text messages! We always aim to respond to email and text messages same day, and certainly within 24 hours. Messages on our landline service are checked once a day so there may be a delay in responding, so we always encourage clients to leave messages on our mobile instead as this is checked periodically throughout the working day.

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